Aviation And Racing Car Simulators

When you wish to find Aviation Simulators for your company, you can guarantee that we have the ideal solution to your entertainment or training requirements. At Simulator Logic, we have worked with a great number of clients over the years and manufactured bespoke simulators to suit their needs.

If you’re an events company and you want to offer a wider selection of entertainment for your customers, then an ideal solution could be our bespoke simulators. The exclusive Versatile Simulator System (VSS) offers our clients the ability to have a simulator built to meet their demands in terms of an immersive experience and company branding on the outside - making it perfect for events and entertainment.

Our simulators are designed and developed at Simulator Logic. With our production line, you can expect excellence every time. You will have complete freedom for your simulator, and we are confident we will be able to build a flawless simulator for any type of event, whether it’s for an exhibition or private opening.

The VSS is the ultimate adaptable simulator, giving you the ability to provide racing car, aeroplane or helicopter simulators.

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