British Commercial Simulator Manufacturing At Its Best

Do you need to discover a form of entertainment for your corporate event which will attract all of your guests? By using our simulator logistics experts here at Simulator Logic, we’ll have the solution for your special corporate occasion.

We have the capacity to work with a variety of customers across the UK and abroad, being widely recognised for our bespoke commercial simulator manufacturing aptitude. We can give your business the recognition it deserves at any commercial event. The Versatile Simulator System (VSS) provides businesses the opportunity to create an immersive activity and experience from the VSS Simulator.

With multiple configurations and settings, your guests will be amazed when they come to experience your customised simulator system. For our VSS Simulator, we offer a wide range of options for customization. We have a choice of colours and materials to suit your company's branding, enabling us to develop a fantastic branded simulator.

Our VSS platform is ideal for indoor events – whether it's an exhibition or internal company festivity, you can offer this simulator as the lead attraction for the occasion.

Whether you require an increase on your brand awareness or you desire something that will appeal to all guests, look no further.

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