Corporate Event Simulators

When it comes to finding entertainment for your corporate event, knowing what will appeal to your guests is the most difficult part. The main reason being that at corporate occasions there will be a range of spectators attending, but you can always guarantee that with any one of our corporate event simulators it will entertain your guests for the night.

At Simulator Logic, we are most known for our ability to provide specialist flight simulations as an educational process. Our flight simulators are realistic and guaranteed to be the perfect piece of entertainment and practice for anyone who is involved with or enjoys aviation.

Our solutions are designed to provide a realistic sensation of flying from the point of view of a pilot. We can design and develop bespoke simulators to cater to specific requirements, and will be able to assist if you're interested in a simulator emergency training or just as an attraction at a special occasion.

You can hire our simulators to provide your guests with an immersive experience unlike any other. Our flight simulators are always extremely popular – one of the main reasons being that flying is an experience which everyone dreams of but will more than likely never have the opportunity to practice.

The simulators we provide will increase footfall and will promote brand awareness at any exhibition or special corporate event.

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