Create Bespoke Flying School Training In The UK

When you come to learn how to operate a vehicle, you usually learn best by jumping straight in and learning whilst physically operating it. With flying, it is slightly different. Training must begin somewhere without putting anyone else at risk – that’s where our custom-made flight simulators come into the equation.

We have manufactured many simulators over the years here at Simulator Logic. A large majority of the simulators we have constructed have been for educational or entertainment purposes. If you would like to create bespoke flying school training in the UK, then we would be more than happy to help.

Aviation simulators are one of our specialities. The simulators have been made to provide a realistic and high performance simulator to educate training pilots and give them real life experience of operating a flight. Our virtual simulators will allow rehearsal and practice for exercises expected for a Private Pilot License or Commercial Pilot License. Our simulators are incredibly realistic and we have the expertise to use the shell and controls of a real aircraft.

Our aviation simulators can be made to suit you with various processes and situations of an aeroplane or helicopter. We can include realistic emergency situations; instrument failures, navigation aid failures and communication system failures.

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