Create Quality Flying School Training

Is your flying school passionate about providing the absolute maximum to your flying students and practising pilots? Then we can help you to create an immersive and virtual flying simulator for educational purposes. Should you wish to create quality flying school training, then come and work with us here at Simulator Logic – our bespoke training simulators have produced impressive results.

Flight simulation is essential for the preparation of employment within the industry of aviation. Although there are flight simulations for entertainment, these are not adequate for training pilots or quality flying schools. Realistic virtual flight simulators are required to immerse new pilots into a real flight simulation; and by working with us, you will have access to custom-built simulators that will produce realistic flying conditions.

The aviation simulators we have constructed provide realistic and high performance simulations to educate training pilots. Our virtual simulators allow rehearsal and practice for exercises expected for a Private Pilot License or Commercial Pilot License. Along with our realistic simulation, we also improve the experience by using authentic aircrafts shells and controls for the operation of the simulation.

We can include realistic emergency situations, including instrument failures, navigation aid failures and communication system failures to further train within your flying school.

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