Create Virtual Racing Simulators

Are you determined to build your very own Virtual Racing Simulator in the UK? Virtual Reality is taking over the world. From small headsets to immersive experiences, technology is evolving and virtual products are extremely beneficial for a range of processes. For education and entertainment, our selection of virtual simulators are ideal for corporate occasions and schooling.

By working with our dynamic team here at Simulator Logic, you can create a virtual racing simulator for an event, driving experience or class.

The simulator that is responsible for our virtual racing experiences is the Versatile Simulator System, more commonly known as the VSS. It's our latest simulator which is adaptable to functioning racing cars, aeroplanes and helicopter motions.

What our VSS offers is flexibility for a user – the modular format means that the device can be configured to suit you or a specific user. We work closely with each of our clients, ensuring that the virtual simulator is right for you. We offer choices for the control options, colour schemes and the display options on the simulator.

If you would like to see a preview of a racing simulator, then please do watch our selection of videoson our website.

Hiring or buying a quality virtual simulator, you can always trust our simulators.

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