Custom Made Flight Simulator

Why should professional airline pilots have all the fun? The thrill of being in control of a helicopter or aeroplane can be experienced through the use of a flight simulator. Flying schools, training pilots and individual enthusiasts alike can sit in a flight simulator and receive the training or entertainment they are looking for.

Simulator Logic has designed and manufactured a range of custom-made motion and static simulators. From the Robinson Helicopter Simulators to the Versatile Simulator System, our simulator solutions are among the most innovative products of their kind available.

Our flight simulators can be used for rehearsal and practice for most of the exercises required for the Private Pilot Licence or Commercial Pilot Licence. These simulators are very realistic, recreating the feel and function of a helicopter or aeroplane. The shell and controls are the same as that on an actual aircraft, so the experience of using one of our simulators will feel very much like the real thing.

Looking for a custom-made flight simulator? Look to Simulator Logic.