Find The UK’s Leading Advanced Helicopter Simulators

Virtual reality is becoming a valuable function for both education and entertainment. If you would like to create a tailored Advanced Helicopter Simulator for your flying school, exhibition appearance or private event, you can rely on our expert engineers at Simulator Logic to design and manufacture your bespoke helicopter simulator.

Robinson R22 Helicopter Simulator

The remarkable HSL-1 Helicopter Simulator provides the leading static Robinson R22/R44 experience. We’ve created these virtual helicopter simulators for educational purposes, and have seen many benefits for those flying schools.

The Simulator Training Benefits

When you have simulation training in place, there are many benefits, including cost reduction, all weather flying modes, post-flight analysis, improved flight safety and hands-on experience for the flying student. Our simulators are extremely realistic and will offer anyone learning to fly a real-life experience of flying.

It’s a beneficial starting point and your student will appreciate and enjoy the experience.

Utilise Our Refit Service

Should you own your own aircraft shell, we'll be able to integrate our instruments and controllers into your shell and make the virtual simulator even more life-like.

Simulation Solutions

We enjoy the design and engineering process of our innovative motion & static simulators. When you require a partner to develop your simulation ideas, allow us to help you. We offer an array of simulation products and services.

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