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Simulator Logic is proud to present ‘The Yellow Peril’ our latest version of the R22 Helicopter Simulator. Now based at Caernarfon Airworld Museum it is available for training pilots, aviation enthusiasts and the general public.

This brand new helicopter simulator has been fully tested by helicopter pilots with experience of other simulators in this class. The feedback has been very positive with comments such as “amazing” and “incredibly realistic” being used in relation to the performance of our R22 simulator.

We highly recommend the R22 Helicopter Simulator to flying schools who will quickly realize its potential for training potential pilots and for current pilots practising rehearsal skills when revalidating their license.

The R22 Helicopter Simulator is equally impressive for aviation enthusiasts and the general public as it can be easily modified for the events market. The ‘Yellow Peril’ Helicopter Simulator is available for hire and can be delivered to just about any location to add that sparkle to your event.

If interested in any of the above it would be great to hear from you or come and visit us at Caernarfon Airport and try out the ‘Yellow Peril’ R22 Helicopter Simulator for yourself.

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