Custom-Built Simulators Tailored To Your Needs

Would your event, business or training benefit from the assistance of a custom-built simulator? Whatever the reason for your necessity to find a bespoke simulator, you can guarantee that by working with us, you will receive the simulator you desire.

Our custom-built simulators are built to perfection. We have designed and engineered unique motion & static virtual simulators for flying schools and training pilots, as well as car racing simulators for enthusiasts and for special occasions.

Our Versatile Simulator System (the VSS), is in popular demand across the UK, and that’s because this simulator model is entirely bespoke.

We Introduce to you, the VSS

The VSS is a brand-new model in our collection of virtual simulators and it’s a definitive way to create a virtual racing car, aeroplane or helicopter experience. The Versatile Simulator is a format which gives you the ultimate freedom you need to construct your own virtual simulator.

Our VSS will offer you and your simulation experience 1500w Dolby surround sound speakers, pressure sensitive pedals, controller pre-sets for experienced and inexperienced players, a stable platform with integrated trolley wheels & levelling feet, and an impressive 55" Samsung 1080p resolution triple screen system delivering 6,220,800 pixels and a 180° field of view.

Find out more about our simulator experience today by browsing through our website.

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