The remarkable HSL-1 Helicopter Simulator provides the best static Robinson R22/R44 type experience available.

Robinson R22

Simulator Emergency Training

Each simulator can be designed to cater for specific emergency processes including:

  • Partial Panel (Vacuum System)
  • System Failures (Clutch, tail-rotor, etc)
  • Power Loss & Engine Failure
  • Instrument Failures
  • Navigation Aid Failures
  • Communication System Failures
Helicopter Simulator Gauges

Simulator Practice

Each simulator can be designed to cater for specific practice procedures including:

  • Flight Manoeuvres
  • VOR Tracking (Intercepting and Tracking)
  • Standard and Non-Standard Holds
  • Developing good scan habits
Earn Your Pilots Stripes

Simulator Training Benefits

There are many benefits of Simulator training including:

  • Cost Reduction
  • All Weather Flying
  • Post-Flight Analysis
  • Improved Flight Safety
Refit of Robinson R44 Helicopter Simulator

Our Refit Service

If you have your own aircraft shell we will integrate our instruments and controllers into your project to ensure a professional finish. Our simulators have unique dual controls and bespoke software and can be custom built to client specification. We also provide a refit service to clients for fixed wing and rotary aircraft simulators who have existing flight decks requiring instrumentation. We can customise our gauges to replicate just about any instruments, gauge or display.

To view the R22 Helicopter Simulator in action click here.