Versatile Simulator System (VSS)

The brand new Versatile Simulator System is the ultimate in adaptable simulator solutions functioning as a racing car, aeroplane and helicopter all in one. The format enables the device to be configured to your exact requirements, making it one of the most exciting simulators on the market.

Racing Car Simulator

Special features for the VSS include:

  • 1500w Dolby Surround Sound Speaker
  • Pressure sensitive pedals
  • Controller pre-sets for experienced and inexperienced players
  • A stable platform with integrated trolley wheels and levelling feet*
  • 55” Samsung 1080p resolution triple screen system delivering 6,220,800 pixels and a 180° field of view
Versatile Simulator System (VSS) in racing mode

Extra detail:

In addition the VSS racing car simulator provides a professional-grade steering wheel and ultra-powerful Fanatec steering force feedback. The software is designed to be modded and is the top choice among real professional racing teams for driver training and race car development.

The VSS Special Features

The VSS plane and helicopter simulator provides:

  • Professional-grade Joystick
  • X- Plane 10 Global software
  • Subsonic and supersonic flight dynamics
  • Simulated system failures
  • Weather modelling (including real-world conditions)
  • Challenging landing and operating scenarios
Integrated Trolley Wheels

Our Innovations

The computer including graphics card(s) and liquid cooling system are housed in a single case mounted on rails underneath the floor plate of the VSS. This arrangement allows for rapid removal and replacement of component parts and fault diagnosis. Additional computer systems can be purchased to provide on-site redundancy and alternative software configurations.

*The integrated trolley wheels enable easy movement of the simulator in and out of venues whilst affording rapid setup and removal. Typically the simulator can be installed and configured in less than 1 hour.

Anodized metal components


We have the technology to anodize our metal components resulting in a professional and stylish finish which can be colour coded to your requirements. The anodizing process protects the metal from scratches caused by regular use while enhancing the overall appearance of the simulator.

To watch the VSS in action visit our video page.