Unique Motion And Static Simulators

Did you know, one of the earliest flight simulators was the Link Trainer which was built in 1927? It was nothing more than a basic metal frame painted in blue, but the contraption was the first of its kind. Although some of these early flight simulators still exist, it is rare to find a working example.

Today both motion and static simulators can be incredibly realistic, with controls that look exactly like those of a real dashboard.

Are you looking to create a unique simulator?

Whether you’re looking to create motion simulators or one which is static, Simulator Logic can design and manufacture both types of virtual simulators with our clients including flying schools, training pilots and car racing companies.

Specialising in simulator solutions, our company helps businesses throughout the UK who require bespoke instruments and gauges, including those in the manufacturing and entertainment industries. Our services are also ideal for those who want to build a unique motion or static simulator.

Based in North West Wales, Simulator Logic have decades of commercial and technical experience. If you’re interested in creating a simulator, simply get in touch today.

01286 830931 or (mobile) +44 (0) 7967 102 734.

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